How To Find Your Perfect Bra Fit

At Affair Lingerie, we believe finding the right bra isn't simply about size, but finding the right fit that flatters your body. Rather than measuring your bust with a measuring tape, we recommend becoming familiar with how a well-fitting bra feels. This ensures you'll always be able to find bras that fit and complement your body, providing all the support you need no matter the brand, size or style.


1 - Check the centre

The area in between the cups helps to keep your bra firmly in place. It should sit as close to your sternum as possible, without feeling uncomfortable or standing off. 

Fit tip: If the centre of a balcony style bra doesn't sit flat or feels uncomfortable, try a plunge bra which has a deeper and more narrow centre.

2- The band provides most of the support

The band of a well-fitting bra will sit parallel all the way around your body, feeling firm, but not so tight that it causes any discomfort or cuts into the skin. You should be able to place two fingers behind the band.

If the band is cutting into your skin or feels very uncomfortable, go up a back size (such as from a 34 to a 36).

If the band rides up on a new bra, first try loosening the straps. If that doesn't work the band is too loose - try going down a back size and up a size in the cup (for example, if a 36D is too loose you should try a 34E).

3 - The cups should form a smooth line

The cups of your bra should create a smooth silhouette with no excess fabric, bumps or ridges. Your breast tissue should sit perfectly in the cups and should not spill over the top or under the arms.

Fit tip: Lean forward as you put the bra on to make sure all your breast tissue is pulled into the cup.

4 - How do the wires fit?

If your bra is underwired, the wires should sit closely and comfortably around your bust without digging into your breast tissue or standing away from your body. The underwires at the side of the cup should extend to the edge of your breast tissue. If the underwires feel too loose, try sizing down a cup size.

5 - Adjust the straps

Your straps should sit gently on your shoulders without digging in or leaving marks or indentations. If the straps do dig in, make sure they're not too tight, remember the support comes from the band, not the straps.

If the straps still feel too tight after adjusting them, the band may be too loose which means the band is not providing adequate support. Size down one band size and up one cup size.

Fit tip: If your straps fall off your shoulders, they may be too widely set for your frame. If you have smaller shoulders, try a racerback bra or a style with a U-shaped back.

6 - The silhouette

After you've adjusted the bra and checked all the point above, slip on a smooth T-shirt. If there are any lines or ridges, you know it's not the right size. Trying on a new bra under clothes also ensures you're happy with the shape it provides.



After finding your perfect fit and investing in a style you love, properly caring for your bra is key to making it last. Hand-washing your bras in warm water with a gentle lingerie detergent will make them last longer, look beautiful and fit better for years to come. Read our care guide here.

If you'd like advice tailored to your individual requirements, our team of expert lingerie stylists are on-hand to assist with size, fit and style. Simply email or call 01977 701261.